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There has been an increase in the railway bookings over the period with many of them going under the RAC lists or waiting lists. The passengers are allotted a number known as "PNR" (Passenger Number Record) that helps them check the status of their reservation. With such an increase in the bookings, there has been a tremendous growth in the enquiry of the PNR status by the passengers. To make things more comfortable for the passengers, online reservation and PNR enquiry check had been started. This service has currently taken a great toll and has reduced the interference of the middle men and agents. There are no more long queues waiting to book the tickets as this could be easily done at the comfort of your house or home.

With this, there have been many methods that have come up to determine the status of your reservation. Some of the methods for PNR enquiry are:
A phone enquiry set up by the Indian Railways Department which is completely free with the number 139. This number can be dialed from the MTNL landlines, BSNL landlines, Spice Telecom, Idea and other telecom operated phones.  An SMS enquiry to fetch the PNR status: "PNR " to 5888 or 57886 or 5676747 

 The PNR status can be checked online on the Indian Railways website with various other websites. 
 139 passenger information system on SMS - This service helps you to send an enquiry for information regarding railways (like fare, accommodation, PNR Status, etc...).
With so many ways available, it has been made quite easy for the passengers to know their current PNR status from different sources. Such availability reduces the time of the passengers and they are not bound to use a single channel for their enquiry.

pnr status

Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a-10 digit number that will be issued  pnr status when a passenger guides a booking to Indian railway which is often accomplished through visiting the railway reservation counter or through on the web.

Once the booking has been actioned the PNR will be issued by the
railway pnr status central reservation method along with the info on it'll be preserved irrespective of the adjustments made to the reservation advice.

This is seen and printed out. irctc pnr status You'll find 3 easy methods to check on the - through the internet site, text messaging/contact and through Android Program.

 pnr status

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3 Simple Strategies to Verify Your PNR Standing


Login to PNR position check information site for PNR enquiry. irctc pnr status Once you reached the home page, you will see that there's a text box and that's where you need to enter the 10 digit PNR afterward click Get PNR status. The program will create the information that you require about your booking after hitting the button. Through this, the passenger can come to a conclusion if the booking is changed, verified or cancelled. In addition, the passenger can also get info about re-reserving and also other supplemental journey advice like the renowned areas which can be seen in India and some travel tips.

Assess PNR status through mobile phone or landlines

For people who don't have internet access but need to test in the position of PNR, they can use either their cell phones or fixed lines. Through texting, deliver to any of the set of numbers: 57886, 54959, 139 and 5676747 and the passenger enter this - PNR and can deliver a text. Additionally, you can also confirm the data by calling using your landlines phones. Just dial 139 subsequently you'll be able to ask regarding the information which you desire such as time of departure, time of arrival, lodging, honest, accessibility and evidence.

Assess PNR status through Smart Phone via Android App

The passenger may also assess the PNR status utilizing an android program, since Indian Railway program must match the modern time. First, you have to download the application through android play store, there's a list of apps that you can pick from - once you have picked the program, click download and then install. After the install is complete, all that's necessary to do is to enter the 10-digit PNR number and hit "check PNR" and the program will demonstrate upgraded info generated from CRS about your PNR standing.